Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Divorce Saga: Members of Christ Embassy in Onitsha Disowns church

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "pictures of chris oyakhilome"The crisis rocking the founder and General Overseer of Christ Embassy Church World Wide is taking another fatal dimension as the founder, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome may be heading to a financial down-turn as he is bound to loose half of his fortunes to his wife, Anita if the British Court finally dissolves the marriage that produced two daughters.
Anita Oyakhilome had gone to a London Court to seek the dissolution of the marriage on the grounds of her husband’s alleged adulterous life style and penchant love for women.
According to British Law where females are held in high esteem, a man loses half of his property in a successful divorce suit by either Party.
At the Christ Embassy Church, Old Enugu Road, Nkpor, a Pastor who preferred anonymity told that they were disappointed by the reports of the divorce suite and prayed for God’s intervention to save the marriage from collapsing.
The Pastor who expressed shock at the development charged the congregation not to be demoralized by the negative report, but rather pray for their founder to have summon the strength to withstand the enormous pressure being mounted on him by his followers across the globe as a result of the divorce report.
“As humans we’re bound to err. Our position as pastors does not make us less human. We should pray for our leader and Founder in the face of all these pressures being mounted on him by his members all over the world so that he could come out ever stronger. My friend this is not easy coming from a respected and religious family like that”.
Some of the members of the church interviewed believe that the divorce suite had been a bottled-up anger from the wife which has become almost unbearable before she finally decided to make it public.
They argue that Oyakhilome’s wife, Anita was generally seen and respected as a quiet and religious woman who loved and tolerated her husband to a fault and posited that her latest divorce action was only a last resort to put a stop to her husband ‘s adulterous life and move on with life.
“Really this must be one of the most difficult decisions ever taken by Anita. She must have been patient enough going through tough times in her marriage. Unfortunately she could no longer continue to die in silence and so decided to take one of the most difficult decisions ever taken by her”.
“I really feel sorry for Daddy, Anita and children“ a church member lamented.



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