Thursday, 4 September 2014

Boko Haram Captures More Towns in Yobe

Image result for pictures of bokoharamBoko Haram insurgents have seized Bara, the council headquarters of Gulani Local Government Council in Yobe state in a determined effort to stretch the effort and resources of Nigerian soldiers and entrench themselves in the northeast where the sect had declared a caliphate. The latest development came as the Armed Forces continued to confront the insurgents in Bama, Borno State, although troops were reported to have successfully pushed them to the outskirts of the town.
Unconfirmed reports stated that Gulani Local Government council in Yobe state was captured by the Boko Haram insurgents on Wednesday evening, according to villagers fleeing the fighting in the area but Defence Headquarters has said nothing about the situation or the number of military casualties from the battle.
The takeover of Gulani Local Government Area brings to two the number of councils in Yobe state controlled by the insurgents. Gujba Local Council fell in early July after the only bridge linking the area with Damaturu was blown up by the insurgents.
Residents who fled from Bara, the council headquarters disclosed that the insurgents took over the council secretariat and the chairman’s lodge at Bara without resistance from Nigerian soldiers.
“The boys entered the town on Wednesday afternoon with Hilux pick-up vehicles and motor cycles and after securing the town preached at different places.
“At the government lodge and the local government secretariat complex, where they are now occupying, they placed their flags and shot into the air. People were afraid but they kept on announcing that they only came to do the work of Allah and will not kill anybody.
“They were preaching that people should leave their government work and join them in working for Allah alone,” a villager who fled for his life stated. The House of Assembly member representing Gulani, Alhaji Abdullahi Kukuwa was quoted to have confirmed the takeover.
He said: “As I speak with you now, the whole of my local government has been taken over by these boys. They are doing what they want. It is very unfortunate that government is not taken drastic action over this matter.”
Residents have also informed that the sect members are currently on wide preaching mission across towns and villages in the two local government areas without hindrance from security operatives who have long vacated the areas.
It was gathered that Boko Haram commanders freely invited villagers in Goneri, Ambiya, Buni-Yadi, Gujba and Buni-Gari under Gujba Council Area as well as; Kukuwa Gari, Bularafa, Bumsa and Bara town of Gulani Local Government Area preaching and soliciting for followers.
“The Boko Haram often move from town to town and gather the people for open preaching asking for support and asking people to join the group which aims at instituting Sharia legal system in the region” a resident said.
A resident said when the insurgents took over the town and realized that people were afraid, they went to the ward head and registered their presence, telling him that they came to preach and not to harm anyone.
“The insurgents called the early morning prayers, led the prayers and preached for over an hour before going back to the government lodge where they camped,” he said.
The residents said the sect members were dressed in a mixture of military uniforms and civilian clothing and brandishing AK47 rifles with bullets strapped across their shoulders and driving freely on motor cycles and Hilux Jeeps apparently seized from security operatives.
Gulani and Gujba have since been cut-off from Damaturu since the link bridge [the Katarko Bridge] was blown up by the insurgents in July.



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