Thursday, 4 September 2014

Anambra: Accuses Gov. Obiano of Bribbing State House of Assembly

Image result for pictures of Gov. ObianoOn September 02 2014, Anambra House of Assembly finally passed a 13.8 billion Naira supplementary budget sent by Chief Willie Obiano to the house. The House initially refused to pass the budget saying that it is embarrassing that the 2014 N145.3 Billion Budget was only passed in April and should at least run for 6 months before any talk of a supplementary budget would commence.
However,  at the meeting between the Governor and some principal members of the House, they agreed to push up the supplementary  budget, which was initially  N13.5 Billion to  N13.8 Billion, the extra N300,000,000 (Three Hundred Million Naira) being for the house members before they will approve the supplementary budget.
A House  member who is not happy over the development, but at the same time would not want to be ostracized by the House revealed. He went on to say that the House made sure Obiano released the N300,000,000  to them, which they shared N10,000,000 each before approving the supplementary budget.

The fear among Anambra people is that at the rate Obiano is going, Anambra State will soon be bankrupt and start borrowing.  The House member said that the state government is already discussing the possibility of borrowing and raising bonds to finance his projects.
The major problem the governor has now is Chief Victor Umeh, whose agreement with him and a craftily laid plan helped and made him the candidate of APGA during the last election. The agreement was for the Governor to make Umeh Senator and ultimately to take over from Obiano as Governor after 8 years.
This newspaper has learnt that the project on the table now is for Obiano to fund Umeh's Senatorial ambition and during the flag off of the JJJ at Ekwueme square Awka ,the Governor started the implementation by openly giving the National Chairman of the Party the Ticket to  Anambra Central senatorial seat even without consulting the stake holders in APGA, the NWC of the party were not even consulted nor will be consulted.
The Governor is already paying Sir  Victor  N40,000,000 per month from the state coffers.
We also learnt that of the  N13. 5 Billion approved for Obiano, more than half is meant for Security votes, through which he saves money for re- election. As it is now,  Obiano is competing with Oil producing states on how much to take as security vote. The last he took was 800,000,000 ( Eight Hundred Million), and now with the supplementary budget, it is feared that it will be over 1 Billion Naira per month.
Obiano has vowed that we must deliver for Victor Umeh, even if it means breaking the State vaults. Apart from his agreement with him, was told that he sees it as a way of paying Hon. Uche Ekwunife back for daring to  exchange words with his wife.
Meanwhile, some contractors in Anambra State who spoke to described obiano’s moves as more of cosmetics than real.
“He is busy trying to impress people by many pronouncements, He will soon discover that you cannot govern a state by flag off without money or intention of financing the project to completion", one of them lamented. 

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