Monday, 7 July 2014

Why WHO Says Nigerians shall die of loneliness at 54 years old?

Okechukwu Onuegbu

Recently, World Health Organisation (WHO) released new data on the “Life Expectancy” on earth, claiming that Nigerians would die at 54 years of age! The 17th lowest globally!!!
To buttress it research, WHO adduced a lot of factors including having a sedentary lifestyle such as sitting in front of TV screens for hours, Loneliness, Poor diet and so on as reasons most Nigerians would likely die at 54 years.
I doubt you have ever heard this news before now as our media seemed too busy feeding us with controversial reports on incessant bombings, insecurity, kidnapping and extrajudicial killings rocking the country (almost becoming part of our lives).
Well, among all the WHO’s postulations on our countrymen and women “expected” age to join to their ancestors, this report seeks to address “LONELINESS”.
Why would more Nigerians die of LONELINESS? Why could this happen in this period of Social Networking and 24 hours Online? I mean, how come? After all our youngsters including the old are characterized with the features below online:
“1500 friends on Facebook”
“2500 followers on Tweeter”
“5000 likes on Instagram”
“1,000,000 views on Youtube”
Etc...YET, folks are to (or going to die) sequel to LONELINESS? What is loneliness which a man or woman with above overwhelming influence would not overcome?

It is pertinent to recall that our “sharp guys and girls” advertise their “goods and services” via these new media. Sometimes ago, a friend confessed that he “sleeps” with his Facebook girlfriends anytime he wishes to or orders for any through chatting, exchanging or sending of airtime among other means!
Hence, ‘Loneliness’; how could you terminate our lives despite our “enjoyment”?
Or should I conclude that internet creates trap rather than bonds? How possible could it be that one is (or presumed to be) with people yet lonely? Please, WHO, what criteria were employed in your Research? How efficacy is the report? Are there more empirical evidences to authenticate your report? Probably, you opted to execute us prior to our time because we are “Black Monkeys”. Too many questions begging for answers!
Hmmm... so the citizenries of the giant of Africa (the world acclaimed most populous black people) are becoming increasingly LONELY? What a paradox! It's like dying of thirsty in the midst of fresh water.
However, truths may not be farfetched from WHO postulations. Yes! Come to think about it: analysts observed that the Internet Social Revolution may have brought us nearer but not closer.
They argued that it had indeed repositioned our communication modus operand, yet intimacy is far to be gotten. To them, it is like a palm wine taper who hung his gourge or gallon on top of a palm tree while keeping an eye on it from the ground where he stood.
“We are virtual friends virtually yearning for friends. This revolution offers an illusion of intimacy but the inner void persists”, a friend posited.
The analysts observed that visitation supersedes social networking: commenting and interaction, because our Lives expectancy may truly depend on it. A friend or companion is God's prescription for a healthy and long life. May be God noticed this first and that prompted him to speak in the book of Genesis 2:18; "It is not good for the Man to be ALONE." That is over two thousand years ago before the birth of WHO!
Hence, a companion or a friend was made for man (still referring to the aforementioned Biblical injunction). Someone so close; thus Adam felt his bone to bone and flesh to flesh has emerged. What a wonderful connection! Therefore, everyone needs a connector; a person to visit, cuddle, play with etc.
In order words, we are in need of caring, love, lust which often result from intimacy, relationship or face-to-face interaction. This kind of a person, if truth must be told, is always offline (not online); opposite sex so to speak.
May be you are willing to give-up the ghost unripe because you don't know how to connect or due to holiness? Please, voice out your feelings physically. Don’t be a wolf in sheep’s clothing! A torn in someone’s fresh. Tell yourself today that if anything would reduce my lifespan, it would not be LONELINESS! Folks, don't be deceived by the facade people put up, majority are LONELY AND DYING! FIND A FRIEND OR BE FOUND-ABLE! Your life depends on it.



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