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What men need most in women's life (view with pictures)

We have a real love/hate relationship with our bodies. One day we're as proud as punch of our feminine curves, the next we're praying for Kate Moss' slim thighs. But what do blokes think?

We surveyed 12 men to disclose their true feelings - what they notice first about us, which bit they like the best, and which body shape they prefer.

What do men really like about women's bodies?

Marek, 25, single

"I like a nice shapely rack. The hourglass is great - the more womanly the body, the better. There isn't one thing I like best - I love it all. Eyes, lips, legs, laugh...and the rest. Women who complain about their bodies should shut up and come to my house for a party!"

keira knightley blue eye makeup - jack ryan shadow recruit premiere - navy blue eye shadow and smoky eyes -
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Keira Knightley knows it's all in the eyes

Winston, 32, single

"The first things I notice about a girl are her eyes, posture, legs and arse. Does she engage? Is she confident? If she makes me laugh, I'm a goner."

Solomon, 32, lives with partner

"I like my ladies healthy and athletic-looking - I'm fond of nice shoulders. Without having the chance to talk to her, it's the waist and hips that I notice first.

The waist makes everything else look sexy - more curvaceous ladies with waists are the business. The voice is very important, too. I want to be able to listen to my girl at length and not be repulsed."

kim kardashian green pencil skirt and crop top - pastel coloured coat - how to wear a coat like celebrity -
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Confidence is the key to sexiness, whatever your body shape

Murray, 46, de facto dad

"It's not so much about the body as the attitude, which comes across in the way she looks, walks, talks, shakes it like a Polaroid picture...I've trained myself to go beyond the superficial. That said, I nearly always check out her breasts. Sometimes I see a woman with a big fat arse and think, 'Hmm, I'd like to ride that.' Other times I think, 'Eww'. Attraction has no rules, really. I'm attracted to all sorts of women, even women that most men would find 'unattractive.'"

Jeremy, 34, divorced

"I'm attracted to the face first. You've got to look at it every time you see her, so it might as well be one that makes you smile. Different girls have different good bits but, generally speaking, I love that bit where the top of the hip becomes the small of back. Body-shape-wise, guys want it all."

Ferg, 27, dating

"I'll take what I can get, but if I'm being honest, I prefer a slim body shape. Shapely legs and thighs are a turn-on. They have to be smooth, too. I'm into Claudia Schiffer and Scarlett Johansson right now - blonde, sexy, with great bodies. And Scarlett's got the best lips."

scarlett johansson vintage hair and makeup - how to do victory roll - retro beauty trend -
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Sexy confidence like Scarlett Johansson

Matthew, 37, married

"Physically I look for the whole package - her legs, figure and then anything that stands out - gorgeous eyes, pert breasts, you get the picture. All in a millionth of a second as well. Legs are my favourite. There's something quite regal about a good pair of pins.

But confidence in herself is the sexiest thing ever. A sense of humour (and how it fits with mine) is important, too. I like an athletic figure. It gives out a vibe that says, 'I like myself and know how to look after what I've got,' but athletic combined with curvy says, 'I'm not obsessed with it and also know how to have a good time.'"

Tom, 32, married

"I like curvy women. Of course, as I'm married I don't look at other women these days, but hypothetically speaking it would be the eyes that I'd notice first. I think that the brain is a woman's sexiest organ. But I also love nipples - they come a close second.

Women who constantly complain about their bodies drive me mad! Every guy I know thinks he's only two training sessions away from being David Beckham."

kelly brook - bum selfie - bikini beach pose -
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Hands up who is an 'arse man'? Oh, all of you.

Bryn, 34, engaged

"I love voluptuous, full-figured women. Aside from that, I love women's eyes and hair - they are probably the first two things I notice, and sometimes the arse, depending on what direction they are running in: towards or away from me! My favourite part of a woman's body is the rear section of the leg at the top of the inside thigh which transitions into the buttocks. I think I'm an arse man."

Darryl, 29, lives with partner

"I usually notice a woman's breasts first, because that's generally where I'm looking. But when I'm talking to a woman, it's the eyes that have it. They have to be alive, which to me conveys intelligence and passion... there's nothing sexier than a smart, funny woman. Well, other than a smart, funny woman with great tits. Body-shape-wise, I'm willing to overlook almost any imperfection - God knows I have more than a few myself."

Cameron Diaz on the red carpet with toned arms
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Cameron Diaz's athletic body is definitely working for her

Gino, 30, dating

"My favourite body shape is athletic, or curvy. At what I like to think is the wise age of 30, a girl with a perfect 19-year-old body certainly isn't everything. A girl can get a long way with a great attitude and carrying herself like she doesn't give a f*** if she doesn't look like a model.

Confidence is one of the sexiest weapons a girl has on her side, not complaints about 7 grams of fat in the wrong place. I know this is old fashioned, but I just can't help looking at a girl's face first. Then it's clothes and, more recently, haircut."

Jim, 31, married

"The most important feature on a woman? Other than a pulse, I suppose her eyes, as they are the windows to the soul. Then there are boobs - fun to play with, look great and don't ruin your appetite between meals. For women who are less than complimentary about their own bodies, membership of the local gym would be my recommendation, and fewer pies at dinner time."



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