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Reuben Abati, a thorn in President Jonathan's fresh

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Reuben Abati
It is a shame that Reuben Abati has chosen to be on the side of a sinking navy instead of calling a May Day warning. He has chosen not to be on the side of historical positivism when the drums of history start beating. What shall we say of shameful and pitiable attempt to lecture General Buhari? Abati's rhetoric and wild swings are comical and silly. How hard can one fall off the wagon? We know no longer recognize him for what he has stood for or what he has written. Then, many of us read his page religiously in the Guardian and archived it for history to judge. Today we must burn our memories of him with our newspaper cuttings of his wonderful articles full of balanced arguments and political sensibilities in regret for a journalist who has sold his conscience for a bowl of porridge. 
Yes, you can balance your arguments and exonerate your President with intellectually sounding arguments of him sticking to his constitutional role as President. But Nigerians are no fools. No amount of lexical sophistry can free this President from the allegation before him. Let us however note this truth and ask ourselves honestly, is Goodluck Ebele Jonathan oblivious of the present developments in the states, did he have a hand in the impeachment of Nyako? Is he oblivious of the Nasarawa impeachment saga moving with such speed and ill-purpose? If he is, then we must also accept he is oblivious of the Chibok Kidnapping too. Sleeping Jonah does not know anything for he is inside a dead whale’s belly!
So much balderdash Reuben, from whence doth thou cometh? Feed us no more with high faulting grammar. Same way you all decided in your kitchen cabinet to apply for $1bn dollar loan to fight insurgency that you refuse to audit. Why have you not advised your commander in chief to visit the zone? After all he controls all the instruments of violence in the country and the Joint Chiefs of Staff will visit Maiduguri with him. Even the old frail general Danjuma has volunteered to follow him as a shield and buckler, yet no response. 
I swear Reuben if you and your boss go to Chibok I will vote and support the loan request because I, like many Nigerians will not have the liver to oppose because you have done an audit and know what is required. Please don't try to deceive Nigerians any further. Obasanjo has spoken and advised, Theo Danjuma has spoken, Atiku has pleaded with your boss, Young Vibrant APC leader in Kwara Dr Abubakar Bukola Saraki has warned you, Alh Maitama Sule recently warned you, Gowon has too, Chairman of the APC Excellency John Oyegun has spoken, warned and opined, Asiwaju the Jargaban Borgu kingdom has warned. The list of well-meaning concerned Nigerians warning you to cease and desist from using desperate unconstitutional despotic fascist draconian measures to propagate yourself and party into power is growing by the minute. Sleeping Jonah wake up, absolute power corrupts absolutely. Now that you have heeded the advice of the Pakistani teenager for the parents of the kidnap victims to visit you in your borrowed castle, please note that the timing is wrong for you have no results to show. You could have visited them in their domain even then without results and retain your self-esteem and respect. 
With my critique I must proffer solutions. Jonathan, please sack Reuben Abati. He is your enemy. Leave the politics and democracy to the umpire so he can do a good job. INEC must be free of interference. If the wrong man ascends the position let the ballot paper be solely responsible. Democracy must reflect the wish of the electorate. Reuben knows that and stood for that in the past. Rigging elections should be a thing of the past in Nigeria, Nigerians are crying to develop and improve economically, socially and morally. Let your name be written in our history book as a martyr of our freedoms and democracy. Don't you remember the humiliation you suffered as VP and acting President? Why deploy so many troops in Ekiti the cradle of knowledge so you can secure a gangster motor car dealer from Ibadan, because he has relatives in Ekiti to return as governor after they impeached him. 
Don't forget the people deserve the leader they elect but not one they did not. Fayose is an imposition and you will see how he will disgrace you and Ekiti state sooner than later. Leaders evolve from their society and if Reuben does not tell you I will. They are natural phenomena in growth and processes in politics. Leaders spring from concepts and methods of a political society so that the people who elect them want them and that way peace development and harmony prevails. Look at Osun state and the appropriation chairman giving out kerosene to the people to buy their votes. He is actually giving conditions like their PVC and VIN being exchanged for kerosene and rice. Poor masses! Where was Omisore last year and the year before? He has returned at election time to deceive the people!
For this to be happening in your era as President is a disgrace to you. But that is what you get from a desperate politician seeking power at all cost. Who does Omisore love, who is he trying to help or which people is he trying to save? The grassroot people are hungry starving and desperate to survive he knows this so he exploits them, rice in Ekiti kerosene in Osun. 
Let the people decide freely who they want. You can never fix all of Nigeria's problems no leader has accomplished that feat in history. Great leaders like Margaret Thatcher were kicked out office by her own party when she got into this mode you are in or does Reuben not know that. Oga Jonna, don't let us disgrace you out of office; make a U-turn on these animals in mad men's skin you have in the villa; let the people be on your side, seek advice from honest people, not those who are yes men. The country is against you now because you are not doing your job, because you are stifling the opposition whose job it is to keep you in check and create a balanced and accountable government that will keep the people stable and peaceful. 
The APC is the alternative to your government; they have evolved through constitutional means. Nigeria has no light, no water, no good schools the way you measure your educational system is by the type of graduates you have. The present PDP government has further destroyed Nigeria we are now at war internally with ourselves from household, to families, to extended families to ethnic tribes and country at large. When Asiwaju told you the confab was a hoax and a charade and will not produce anything concrete did you listen. Asiwaju knows Nigeria has the blue print of solutions to our problems because he has experience and he is tried and tested. You should always consult great leaders and proven achievers, it's nothing to be proud of being C-in C yet it's an elevated position of humility backed by honour. Gen Muhammadu Buhari, a much respected elder statesman who stabilised Nigeria beyond belief in the short time he was head of state, was truly insulted. Reuben has the effrontery to say he kidnapped Umaru Dikko. Stupid Reuben! He forgot he jubilated at the news and cried the moment he heard the attempt was foiled at stanstead, or presently Heathrow, airport. Today he us singing another tune I'm sure you Mr President rejoiced like a majority of Nigerians both at home and the diaspora at the abduction because he offended Nigerians and was part of those that led to the collapse of Alhaji Shehu Shagari’s government purely because of his corrupt practices.
Reuben is a disgrace and he will surely pull you down just like Dikko pulled Shagari down! Reuben is compromised and a disgrace to his profession. 
The opposition has risen to take Nigerian from the claws of a dangerous inept government.
Please take caution in understanding the process leading to your becoming the opposition in the New Democratic process that will evolve in 2015. It is going to be a new class act, an accountable government that is close to the people for the people and by the people. The APC is an amalgamation of very important experienced Nigerians who have decided to oust the PDP so the robbery of the will of the people can stop. The people deserve better because Nigeria is richly blessed and endowed and a few people cannot hijack the economic power and resources and manipulate the majority. They will speak through the ballot box on the 9th of August. Abati must tell Jonathan that the sun sets soon on the dictator and bad ruler.
Written by Phillip Nwogu



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