Monday, 7 July 2014

Relationship: Why you must not marry that man?


When Tola met John; a banker, she felt so happy because John was a quiet and nice guy. She fell in love with him almost immediately. John was so wealthy and he met all Tola's need. When he proposed to her, Tola felt so complete.
She thought marrying her boyfriend of two years was the best thing that would happen to her but she was so disappointed when her mum vehemently refused: her mum saw John as a dubious man, owing to the fact that he was too rich to be just a banker.
Tola thought her mum was wicked. She cried her eyes off but her mum maintained her stand, “there was something fishy about john”, the mum said.

As a result, John married a girl in the neighbourhood and Tola thought it was the end of the world. Seeing John and his wife drive past their house everyday was more than enough torture for her. She moved out of her mum's place to stay with an Aunty. A year passed by and no man came along. Tola found it hard to forgive her mum but after a while she met Alex and they got married but six months on, she received a very shocking news-- John was caught with hard drugs: arrested and sentenced to twelve years imprisonment with all his assests confiscated!



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