Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Glo Launches international direct dailing pack to connect more continent with Africa

In its commitment to offer quality international call services at affordable rates, Globacom (Glo) has launched new International Direct Dialing (IDD) packs.
This was revealed at a press briefing held in Lagos at the weekend.
The Chief Commercial Director, Glo1, Ajay Matthur, said the aim of Glo was to make telephony reasonably priced, especially among those making international calls.
The new IDD packs, he noted, covers the five major destinations that have close affinity to Nigeria and Nigerians.
The countries are the United Kingdom, the United States of America, China, Canada and India.
The new IDD packs, also called Combo IDD rates/packs, are in three categories.
Mr Matthur disclosed that the IDD packs come in Combo Pack 1, Combo Pack 2 and Combo Pack 3.
Expatiating, the Manager, Mobile Data Devices, Mr Odafe Akerejola, said Combo Pack 1 gives a subscriber access to N100 airtime bundle at the rate of 14 kobo per second with a seven-day validity.
Combo Pack 2, he added, offers a subscriber N200 airtime bundle at the rate of 13 kobo per second, with a 15-day validity.
Again, the Combo Pack 3 allows a subscriber to make N500 worth of calls at the rate of 10 kobo per second.
Mr Akerejola, however, pointed that if a subscriber does not activate his plan after the expiration of the plan, it would not hinder him from making international calls, but would stop him from making international calls at the rate assigned to the Combo Packs.



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