Monday, 28 July 2014

Do you believe this report? Church GO Predicts arrest of Shekau, Boko haram's leader

boko-haram2Recall that Nigeria's Government has told us that Shekau has being shot dead. Please, who tells truth here?

Recall the government also told us that they shot that APC sponsored extremist.

Now, hear what this Pastor is saying...

General Overseer of God of Cham­pion Royal As­sembly, Brother Joshua Ignila, has reiter­ated his earlier prediction that a lower rank military officer of the Nigerian Army will arrest Abuba­kar Shekau, leader of the Boko Haram sect.

He reminded members of the church of his earlier prediction about the mili­tary aircraft that crashed in the southern part of Bama wherein he predicted that there would be survivors three months ago.
Bro. Ignila, who listed some prophecies that were about to happen and those that would take place in 2015 during the general elections, said none of his prophecies had ever failed because he spoke the mind of God.
He told his congrega­tion that a Nigerian soldier would shoot Shekau in the leg and capture him. He advised security leaders to tighten security in Abuja be­tween today and Wednesday.
According to him: “I hear the sound of bomb in the city and I call on security agen­cies to tighten security in Abuja between Monday and Wednesday.” He predicted also that a private jet carry­ing some governors who are opposed to certain decisions in the country would crash.
He said: “I have warned them through my broadcast on Champions Television and I have tried to reach out to those I saw in my predic­tion.
“It is going to happen soon and nobody should blame anybody for it. It is either they retreat from that meeting they want to attend or they will perish.”
On the 2015 general elec­tions, Bro. Ignila said he saw the man presently on the seat at the Villa, still sitting com­fortably on the seat in 2015 and advised the ruling party to formulate policies that would pacify the opposition after a hard fight at the polls.
He said: “It is not win­ning the election that is the issue, but the problem that would emerge after the elec­tion. It will make the present insecurity in the country a child’s play.”
Recall that Bro. Ignila ac­curately predicted the exit of Brazil in the World Cup and the victory of Germany in the FIFA World Cup.



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