Friday, 4 July 2014

Academia calls for Africa’s renaissance

Okechukwu Onuegbu

A-team of academia, Association of African Traditional Religion and Philosophy Scholars (AATREPS) has identified possible ways of reawakening the dying African culture in this era of globalization.
The scholars while noting that Africa is the cradle of global civilization described the continent as the mirror through which the world sees and urged her citizenries to sustain the tempo by exploring the rich human and natural endowment embedded therein.
The group frowned at the rate the continent has gone backward through colonialization and the lingering neocolonialism, and charged the people not to permeate westernization and the so-called globalization to becloud their mindsets, sense of reasoning, creativity, foods and mode of dressing, because according to them, inferiority complex if allowed, could spell doom on Africa as her rich cultural heritage would go into oblivion.
Arising from its 2nd International Conference at Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka, Anambra state, recently, AATREPS said that all hands must be on deck in order to realize renaissance, and charged religious institutions to re-inculcate African cultural virtues such as brotherliness, charity, agape love, selfless service services to humanity among others into their followers rather than inciting them to hatred and killings of none members.
The academia also advised parents to make native languages official language of communication at homes as that would contribute immensely in boosting their morals, contribute in forestalling immodest dressing among the present generation as well as assist in learning local and international languages with less difficulty.  
In a lead paper presentation, Rev.Fr. Prof. Josephat Oguejiofor of Department of Philosophy, NAU, posited that declining Igbo language could be rejuvenated if the government of Southeastern states would make the language one of the most essential subjects (next to English and Mathematics) to students of Igbo extractions before been admitted to study in any public, missionaries or private institutions of higher learning in the zone.
Also speaking, the Anglican Bishop, Diocese of Ijebu South-West, Rt. Rev. Dr. Babatunde Ogunbanwo and Prof. Ikechukwu Okwueze charged Africans to be good ambassadors of the continent in characters and characterizations in whatever conditions or place they found themselves.
Earlier speaking, Dr. Mrs. Elizabeth O. Ezenweke, the Founder and President of AATREPS disclosed that the annual conference was aimed at gathering academia from different part of the country to cross-pollinate on effective means of reviving healthy Africa’s culture and tradition for socio-economic and political development.



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