Monday, 16 June 2014

The Nigeria's Governors' who siphone State funds through selfish policies

Written by Fejiro Oliver

... BIRTHDAY TO RT.HON.CHIBUIKE ROTIMI AMAECHI & HON. IBIM SEMENITARI                   Former Gov Of Zamfara State, Ahmed Yerima Arrested In Kaduna Gombe State Governor, Alhaji Ibrahim Dankwambo, has raised the alarm ...I knew you must get angry after reading this write-up? But please, take it easy. It is well! Just meant to spur you to action; wisedom , not violence.

Rivers State, an oil rich state, is a one such state. Her 70 percent indigenes cannot boast of good social amenities or quality of life. But this is not so for
their ex governors who hurriedly got a pension bill passed into law by a usually rubber stamped House of Assembly, that will see them and their families live as kings and queens for the rest of their lives.
Despite embezzling the state funds, former Rivers State governor, Peter Odili has packaged for himself and deputy a mouthwatering annual terminal basic salary and annual transport allowance. He is also entitled to an annual rent subsidy with all utility allowance paid for him yearly by the state government.

The ex-governor who could not turn the state to an entertainment zone also smile home with annual entertainment allowance, while his domestic staff which must not be less than four will be on pension of consolidated salary scale for life. Elombah enquiry into why no monetary value was attached revealed that it was a ploy to divert attention and remove criticism, but the source noted that it runs over millions of naira.


The very poor state of Zamfara also enacted a law stipulating that former governors will have personal staff not below the rank of a principal administrative officer and a personal assistant not below level 10 which will be recommended by them but paid by the state government. He will also be provided two vehicles which will be replaced every four years with two drivers recommended by them and paid by the government. His deputy will also have a staff of a senior administrative officer and a personal assistant not below level 08. He will also get a vehicle which will be replaced every year and a driver. 
      He will also be treated by the state government alongside his immediate family in Nigeria or abroad, with 30 days annual vacation within and outside the country. The former governor who has nothing to do for the state will also have an office furnished and equipped by the government in any part of the state and a furnished 4 bedroom house in any location of his choice within the state, with a telephone line both in the office and house. His deputy and family will get free medical treatment with vacation in and outside Nigeria for 30 days. Just like his boss, he gets a well furnished office and a 3 bedroom flat of his choice in any part of the state, with direct telephone lines in both places.


Just like his Lagos State counterpart, Kwara State governor and deputy governor will get a pension of 100% basic annual salary of the incumbent governor, while the deputy gets his mate’s own, which will be reviewed every 5 years or the RMAFC renews it for political office holders. A normal car and a security car will also be provided for the duo with staff provision of 1 administrative officer and 1 personal secretary for the deputy. The governor will have in his custody 2 officers not below the rank of Chief Administrative Officers and 2 personal secretaries not below grade level 10, as well as a protocol officer.
In an undisclosed location will he also have a 5 bedroom duplex while his deputy have 4 bedroom duplex .he will also have 2 cars and 1 pilot car to be replaced every 3 years while the deputy gets I car and 1 pilot car to also be replace every 3 years. Their furniture allowance will be payable every 4 years enbloc. The y have access to a cook, steward, , gardener and two other domestic staff who are pensionable. They also get free medical treatment alongside members of their immediate families.
2 SSS detail and 1 female officer will always be with him while the deputy has just 1 SSS detail. 8 policemen will guard only him while two guard the deputy with unknown number of drivers for them.


All former governors of Gombe State will have a personal assistant not below level 10 who shall be recommended by him, while his deputy has the one of level 08. In his convoys will be two vehicles which will be replaced every 4 years and one for his deputy, with two drivers for the boss and one for the deputy. 
Just like his counterparts in Kwara State, the ex governors and their deputy alongside their immediate families will be entitled to free medical treatment in Nigeria and abroad. Tax payers’ money will also be spent for the duo and their wives to go on 30 days annual vacation with 30 days estacodes and travel allowances given to them and their spouse. They will also get to waste the masses money on a befitting well-furnished house in any location of their choice with one direct phone line in their apartment and offices. 

Akwa-Ibom state
Hope you have read about Governor Godswill Akpabios' proposal to allocate some national cake to himself at end of his tenure.
Hmmmmmmm...what of your state? What law do your ex-governors made to siphoned state funds in the name former servant leader? Be careful...God deooooooooooo!



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