Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Unbelievable but is real! Phone charging Pants and Trousers Unveils

The world’s first pair of wireless mobile-charging trousers will be unveiled on Tuesday as part of a new collaboration between British fashion designer Adrien Sauvage and Microsoft. The project started six months ago when Mr Sauvage, 31, began experimenting with wearable technology.
“My phone is always dying so I was super interested in the idea,” he said.
The prototypes have now been developed and will be modelled tonight in Bloomsbury as part of the A. Sauvage spring/summer show at London Collections: Men.
The designer’s eponymous fashion label was established in 2010. Celebrity clients include actor Jude Law, director Terry Gilliam, and rapper Mos Def.
The trousers, described as a “wearable chino” by Mr Sauvage, have been fitted with a wireless charging plate from the Nokia DC-50, dismantled and reassembled within one of the front pockets of the trousers.
Mr Sauvage was keen to create a product that blended technology with high fashion, moving away from the “function over form” approach that has been taken by wearable technology designers to date. “This is one of the reasons for the collaboration,” he said. “We’re so far away from that kind of design.”
Engineering the trousers involved a lot of “trial and error”, he added. “Having something that you could wear without the technology feeling cumbersome was a challenge. It was also difficult to distribute the heat so that the wearer wouldn’t feel like they were in a sauna.”
Although these difficulties were successfully overcome, Mr Sauvage failed to make the trousers machine washable.
The A. Sauvage charging trousers will now be available to buy for the next three months through Amazon’s fashion store. The online giant recently launched a dedicated wearable technology store to tap into the market for hi-tech clothing, selling smart watches, fitness trackers and wearable cameras.
The price point has yet to be set, but Mr Sauvage predicts that the trousers will cost, “over $340”.
“We don’t see a mass-market opportunity for wireless-charging trousers,” admitted Adam Johnson, head of marketing for Nokia Devices, which supported the project. “We’re just having a bit of a hack, trying to move the wearable technology concept beyond smart watches. This is a world first.”
Fashion designers will incorporate technology into their products with greater frequency, Mr Sauvage predicted. “It’s already happening with sportswear and people use their phones so much that technology like this will be increasingly integrated into clothing,” he said.
Wireless-charging technology utilizes inductive charging using an electromagnetic field to transfer electricity between two objects. The charging pocket uses energy, sent through an inductive coupling to the phone, which then uses the energy to charge the phone battery.
Below is story on the trousers aspect of it!
Smartphones may be awesome with all their snazzy apps and games, but this leads to running out of battery pretty much every single day.

Well, worry no longer, as Microsoft and fashion designer A Sauvage have teamed up to create the world's first wireless charging jeans.

George Lamb & Tinie Tempah launch the world's first ever pair of wireless charging trousers
The world's first ever wireless charging trousers

George Lamb modelled the first pair of charging trousers at last night's London Collections: Men event, with Tinie Tempah among the biggest admirers.

Technology from the Nokia DC-50 wireless charging plate for Lumia smartphones is used in the trousers, where phones can simply be connected via the pockets.

The functional pair of trousers can be pre-ordered on Amazon in the coming weeks.

Adam Johnson, Marketing Director for Microsoft Mobile, said: "We have a proud history of working within fashion, having previously collaborated with Bruce Weber and David Bailey, as well as recent partnerships at New York and London Fashion Week.

George Lamb models the world's first ever pair of wireless charging trousers
The world's first ever wireless charging trousers

"Continuing this theme, we are excited to work alongside a talented designer such as A Sauvage. As well as having the vision to co-create these amazing wireless charging trousers, his style complements the cutting-edge design of the new Lumia 930 smartphone perfectly."

So now the only reason you'll run out of battery is if you forget to wear your trousers, and if that happens then you probably shouldn't have a phone in the first place.



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