Monday, 2 June 2014

Some Causes of discharge in private parts reveals

Dr Celsus Undie, a Urologist at Kelina Hospital, Abuja, on Monday advised people with urethra infection to seek medical help early enough to prevent complications.
Undie told newsmen in Abuja that it was important to consult a gynaecologist for any discharge from the reproductive track and the private part.
He said that when people suffering from infection felt any symptom in the urinary tract there was the need to consult a urologist.
``Do not go treating yourself or prescribing medicine for yourself, it would predispose you to a lot of resistance, fake medicine and inappropriate dozing that will not help anybody.
``Infection in the private part can occur simultaneously, don’t go thinking it is from the toilet that is if you are talking about candidiasis.
``Any other infection in the private part is most likely to have been transmitted sexually,’’ he said.
According to Undie, there is no point claiming so much innocence about these things, the best thing is to get treated instead of trying to defend it.
He said that such people might end up transmitting it to their partners, adding that even when they get treated and their partners do not, the infection would relapse to the sufferers.
``So, get treated properly and get your partner also to see a doctor, the female partner should see a gynaecologist and the male partner should see a urologist.
``For men who have urethra infection, passing urine frequently and having pain while passing urine, these things could be evidence that there is a problem with the urinal tract.
``It is not enough to get an antibiotic prescription and it is important that the entire urinary tract should be investigated because whatever caused the problem will be there,’’ said Undie.
He said that if the case was not properly treated, the infection would not be cured.

Undie said that one could remain on antibiotics for the next ten years without the infection being cured, adding that ``so, get yourself properly investigated by a urologist’’.



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