Thursday, 12 June 2014

Pope Francis urges World Cup football players to play in spirit of true fraternity

Pope Francis on Thursday called on competitors to play in a spirit of true fraternity at 2014 FIFA World Cup football tournament opening in Brazil.
In his goodwill message issued at the Vatican City, Francis said, ``I wish everyone a wonderful World Cup, played in a spirit of true fraternity,’’
The pontiff said football could teach people all over the world the values of team spirit, fair play and respect for the opponent.
The Pope said it was very obvious that at the end of the competition, only one national team would lift the cup.
``We could all be winners if we learn the lessons that sport teaches us, strengthening the bonds that unite us.’’
The 77 year old Argentine-born was a keen supporter of Buenos Aires-based team San Lorenzo de Almagro, but he did not say which national squad he was rooting for in the World Cup.
Brazil’s President Dilma Rousseff invited Pope to attend the tournament when she visited the Vatican in February, knowing his passion for football, but he did not take up the offer. 














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