Monday, 30 June 2014

Please advice me, I'm pregnant for my husband's customer

I’m pregnant for my husband’s customer
Readers, please advice me, don’t insult me. I am just confused; your advise can go a long way to healing my pains. And your insult may encourage me to commit suicide…
My name is Tina John from Rivers State but I lived with my husband somewhere at Lagos.
I am 39 years old and my marriage to my husband is now 13 years, blessed with two girls.
I have done something really stupid. Sometimes in February this year, I quarreled with my husband, and angrily left his house at night. I had planned to go to my aunt’s house, but at the bus-stop, one of the rich men who usually buys diesel from my husband picked me up in his car and I spent a night with him in a hotel at Apapa, Lagos without my husband’s knowledge.
 I felt guilty the next day when I got home (my husband’s house) after hectic day where I work, only to discover that my husband had bought me a gift and was really apologetic about the quarrel we had previous night.
He even explained that he had tried reaching me in vain (because I switched-off my phone) and had been worried and sick over my whereabouts that night. He hugged me; held me tight on his alms with tears running to and fro his eyes. Indeed, that man truly loved me! He thought I had break away for good.
When he asked where I spent my night, I lied that I slept in my aunt’s house. I had already told my aunt to lie as well to cover up my sex scandal. My darling believed me without suspicion. In fact, he swore to be better husband and try all his best in fulfilling it now.
However, the guilty piling up my heart for months now is that I had I went to hospital to inquire why I had not seen my period for sometimes only to discover that I am four months pregnant. When I tried to calculate the date, I find out that the potential child doesn’t belong to my husband. It belonged to Ogbuefi, my husband’s customer I slept with in a hotel that night we quarreled.
I am dumbfounded. I don’t know what to do.
Should I tell my husband the biological father of the child now before it finally comes out or to hid the true identity till is been delivered nor thereabout? Please, advice me. The guilty is unbearable. I fell like committing suicide. I shed tears as I write you. I feel that he might throw me out if I dare disclose my impasse. I love my husband so deeply and I blame myself for my stupidity. I don’t want to lose him.  
Should I reveal my sin to him and bear the consequences before he finds out or should I just hope for the best because I can’t live without husband. And I can’t bear the hot pain and labour same time!  
Yours Tina.



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