Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Pentecostal Pastor Charges female memebers to wear trousers, lambasts opposition clergies

By Okechukwu Onuegbu

The General Oversea of Love Ambassadors Ministry, Pastor David Ifenu has re-affirmed his stand on allowing female members of his church to wear trousers to Church.

Pastor Ifenu who said there is no way Bible condemns women or men from wearing any fashion of their choice which the world classifies as females or males attire, further charged Christian Clergies who counter such act to prove their stand with Biblical injunction and refrain from deceiving their fellowers. reliably gathered that both men and women dress as they wished to while going to the Church. It is not uncommon to see male congregations with plait hairs just as their female counterparts go about with what pleases them.

The Pastor said that God is interested in us to be Holy as He is, and reiterated the needs for believers to be truly born-again not pretenders.

Continiung, Pastor Ifenu directed disgruntled elements to read and observe all that is stated in the book of Leviticus if they claim hundred percent Christ-like or sinless, noting that no man is perfect if not for the grace and mercy of God.

What is your opinion on this? 



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