Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Overwhelming Joy swept Onitsha, Anambra state as 11 years old blind boy regains sight in a Church service

Ifeanyi and Dr. Nwankpa
What was earlier billed as a church service to mark the birthday anniversary of a church leader and founder, Chapel of Faith Assembly International, 3/3, Onitsha has turned out to be a blessing to the family of Mr. and Mrs. Amaka Oko of Igbodo Community, Oshimili South Local Government Area of Delta State as the only surviving son of the family,  eleven year old master Ifeanyi Chukwu Oko who became blind at the age of three has finally regained his sight.
The miraculous incident which took place last Sunday at the church auditorium where the General Overseer of the ministry, Bishop Dr. Emeka Nwankpa was organizing a church service to mark his birthday anniversary as he was born on June 12th, but  had decided to celebrate it with a church service which came up on the 15th of June, 2014.
Bishop Nwankpa during the church service had prophesied that there was a poor woman in the church whose family (husband’s) family was undergoing persecution in the hands of one man (name with held) who is a brother to the husband.
He continued with his prophesy urging the woman to appear at the pulpit as she had come with a blind boy, stating that the boy’s blindness was as a result of the incessant charms that had been used against him by his uncle (the father’s brother).
He added that two other brothers of the blind boy had been earlier succumbed to untimely death due to their uncle’s diabolic charms.
Bishop Nwankpa who shocked his congregation with the prophesy said that the boy had refused to die, but later went blind because of the intensity of the charms.
It was at this juncture that it dawned on Mrs. Oko who had traveled all the way from Delta State for the church service that she was the woman that was being spoken about and immediately rushed to the alter sobbing uncontrollably
As she approached the man of God with her son under the watchful eyes of the whole congregation who had now become apprehensive, Bishop Nwankpa ordered the whole congregates to stretch their right hands to the alter and prayed for the boy to regain his sight.
However, after about five minutes he wiped the boy’s face with a white handkerchief and he immediately regained his sight to the chagrin and jubilation of the entire worshipers.
Aminu Chimezie, Orient Daily Onitsha
Speaking to the press after the service, Ifeanyi’s mother, Mrs. Amaka Oko whose husband is incapacitated as he can no longer walk on his own due to ill-health said that God has used the cleric to wipe her tears as the young boy, Ifeanyi went blind at the age of three under a mysterious circumstance and thanked God for the miracle.
The beneficiary, Master Ifeanyi Oko who was dumbfounded at receiving his sight said he had never seen with his two eyes since he became conscious of the world and testified that he could now see everything before him.
When asked if he had seen his mother before, he replied no! Stating that this was the first time of seeing how his mother looks.



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