Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Nigerian Police handcuffs a Motocyclist (Okada boy), 26 in the hospital bed at Anambra state

Emeka Okoye
This boy, Mr. Emeka Okoye was allegedly handcuffed in his hospital bed at Waterside, Onitsha by CSP John Mark of  Nigerian Police, under 33 axis Divisional police.

Speaking to newsmen, Southeast Coordinator of Campaign for Democracy, CD, Comrade Dede Uzo Dede said Emeka Okoye was involved in auto-crash at 5pm last three weeks.

According to him, an undisclosed Okada man hit Emeka who is also a bike man and ran away while his passenger died instantly.

As a result, Emeka sustained injury and was taken to a nearby hospital at Waterside, Onithsa.

The following day, DPO of police came and handcuffed him in the hospital bed over two months now (since 10th May, 2014).

This was confirmed when visited the said hospital (name withheld) but we are still investigating the matter as at time of filling this report.

Our question now is: Is it lawful to handcuff an accident victim in hospital bed for whatever reason?



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