Tuesday, 10 June 2014

More bodies discovered after Talibans attack in parkistan


Pakistan's air force strikes "terrorist hideouts", as more bodies are discovered at the country's biggest airport following an attack by Taliban militants.
Mourning following Karachi airport attack
The army's press wing said on Tuesday it had destroyed nine terrorist hideouts and killed at least 15 militants, two days after the attack on the Karachi airport that has left more than 30 dead.
"Nine terrorist hideouts were destroyed by early morning military air strikes near the Pakistan-Afghan border," the army's press wing said. No other details were immediately available.
The tribal area along the Pakistan-Afghanistan border, especially in North Waziristan, is home to a large Taliban presence. The army has periodically bombed suspected insurgent hideouts in the region, but has yet to launch a major offensive to flush out militants.
The devastation at Karachi airport
On Monday, the Pakistan Taliban claimed responsibility for the Karachi attack, telling Channel 4 News it was retaliation for the killing of a Taliban leader in a US drone strike last year.
Militants disguised as security forces stormed into the airport on Sunday night, armed with automatic weapons and rocket-propelled grenades, and targeted a cargo hold.
On Tuesday, Pakistan rescue workers recovered the bodies of seven people trapped inside the cargo building.
"The bodies are badly charred beyond identification," said a morgue official who asked not to be named.
The bodies brings the total death toll from the attack to at least 34 people.



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