Sunday, 1 June 2014

Is Jim Iyke cheating on his wife?

Buzz Master revient très vite avec de nouveau Buzz !!!The old school Musician and self proclaimed Artist Manager and Publicist based in New York has found himself entangled in a scandal that has been spreading across the internet like wild fire.
In an online statement released by Marion Amanambu, Founder and CEO of NIgerian Celebrity Network, she was surprised that he threw Nollywood Actor, Jim Iyke under the bus and tried to expose him for cheating when barely four months ago he got thrown out of his wife's house for cheating on her with a married woman with four kids.
The wife confronted him with evidence and promptly filed for divorce which is in progress at time of reporting. For over 2 years he carried on his numerous affairs with different married women while the wife hired the TV Show "Cheaters" to follow and document his every move.
Emma Agu is in his 60s and claim to be a Musician yet he has not release a single song in over 20 years. He also claims to own an online radio which he broadcasts from his car and confirmation reaching us, is that he has no employee working for him because he cannot get a job in America due to his criminal record ranging from domestic violence to battery.
Before publishing this story, we checked and there is no paid advert on his online radio website which led us to believe that his radio is not generating any income. Many Nigerian Celebrities have accused him of running a one man riot squad while lying to the entire world that he has a crew working for him.
He has also been accused of cyber bullying various Celebrities like Inorie Fatso, Keturah Hamilton, Jim Iyke, Uba Onwudiwe and recently Marion Amanambu. We spoke to some of the Celebrities and they admitted to us that he made their life a living hell by constantly sending them unsolicited text messages and emails under false identity, after they had warned him to stay away and not contact them anymore.
They have referred to him as a bully and a coward who targets married women luring them to Skype and video recording them nude, so that he can use the video to blackmail them into either continuing in the elationship with him or pay him some money. They claim this is how he has been funding his online radio station.
His recent attack on Jim Iyke was very unwaranted and a betrayal of trust. It is illegal to record a telephone conversation without the consent of all parties in many US States, including New York but that did not stop him from recording his conversation with Jim Iyke without his permission and posting on the web.
He also went a step further by trying to blackmail the Nollywood Actor but when he refused to pay up, he decided to carry out his threats by calling Jim's girlfirend, Nollywood Actress Nadia Buari and snitching on him in an attempt to break up their relationship. Many people we spoke with, confirmed to us, that this man sits infront of his computer all day long bullying innocent people.
It has been rumored that he has some mental Health ssues and can go off handle when he is not taking his medicine as directed by his Physician. Mental disorders are generally defined by a combination of how a person feels, acts, thinks or perceives. This may be associated with particular regions or functions of the brain, often in a social context.
Emma Agu does not have any degree in Journalism or any other University degree that we know of. In her statement, Marion Amanambu dared him to "prove us wrong by showing us his certificate". She also accused him of "claiming to be a US Citizen which is a lie since he has been unable to travel to Nigeria to see his kids since he moved to the United States. Accusations are also flyng around that he got married to his wife inorder to get a green card which is now in jeopardy since she filed for divorce.
Marion Amanambu has a screenshot of a conversation with Emma Agu on her Nigerian Celebrity Network website, where he admitted that he was cheating on his wife and got busted and as a repercussion, their house is now up for sale.
Jaydee Mighty Esq
Attorney At Law



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