Sunday, 1 June 2014

Humour heals mental illness...

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Expressing genuine happiness and joy, which come through the recognition and obeying the Will of the Most High is the greatest thanks we can give Him.
Today, science has shown that the most powerful key to the prevention of the degenerative physical and mental disease lies basically in our ability 'to keep the hearth of our thoughts pure,' which consequently brings us inner peace, joy, cheerfulness and happiness, 'for as he thinketh in his heart, so is he.'
He who does not think of how to harm or hurt or cheat or take undue advantage or bring down his neighbours will always be filled with love, and such a person will also radiate deep inner peace and will always be cheerful and happy at all times.
The degree of health we enjoy in body and soul is in mathematical terms, directly proportional to the degree of our noble deeds, purity of our thoughts and the love we have for our neighbours.
Diseases and Hell came into existence through the evil thoughts and works of men, and only men themselves can sustain these through their further evil works and activities.
Those in these Neither Regions, i.e. the agents of Darkness, gain immensely from us, because they feed on our impure thoughts and our negative emotions. Therefore, through their representatives here on earth, they continually create strife, injustice, distrust, fear, anger, rage, jealousy, hate, disappointments, evil activities, etc.
All these make highly susceptible individuals to constantly fill their minds with all manners of negative thoughts and destructive emotions. In this way, the mighty power of the Creator flowing through us becomes dense and sinks downwards, instead of having an up-lifting effect.
A hearty laughter or cheerful smile, we have been told, is 'the strongest antidote to Darkness.' However, 'it must not be a laugh of malicious pleasure!'
It is important to note here that the most dangerous set of people are those who can smile to our face, but hidden deep inside them is the worst intention to cause us harm and severe grief. Most often, such people are victims of unhappiness, hate and fear.
Studies have shown that people who allowed negative emotions and thoughts to control them usually become highly susceptible to diseases, such as hypertension, heart attacks, stroke, poor memory, depression, chronic fatigue and generalised body weakness, peptic ulcers, etc.
In some of our previous articles, we had noted that every single thought or emotion held in the mind creates a chemical reaction in the brain. The longer the emotions are held within, the stronger the release of corresponding chemicals into the blood stream.
If the thoughts and emotions are noble and uplifting, the chemicals thus produced work to enhance our general wellbeing and good health.
However, if they are ignoble and evil, the chemical produced create disharmony and dis-ease within us.
For example, the chemicals created from fear are perhaps the most caustic chemicals that can corrode the cells, weaken the mind, breakdown the physical and psychic immunities and even paralyse the spirit.
Our emphasis in this write-up is that hearty laughter, which is the strongest antidote to Darkness and the best medicine for our body and soul, not that laugh of malicious pleasure that harms the body.
A hearty laughter and cheerful smiles stimulate the hypothalamus (brain) to release endorphins and serotonin into the bloodstream. These are chemical or hormones that relieve pains and make us feel good.
A hearty laughter or deep heartfelt smiles is known to reduce the hormone-like cortisol that becomes higher in the blood when we are under stressful situation.  Laughter is, therefore, a known stress buster.
Laughter is known to help the body discharge some of the retained or hidden negative emotions that often result in chronic stress, which is the main cause of the modern day degenerative diseases.
Laughter and heartfelt smiles help one to discharge retained inner tension and relax muscles tension, etc.
Laughing helps in promoting blood circulation, healthy blood vessels and healing damages caused by tension and chronic stress.
In this way, laugh and humor therapies help reduce the risk of hypertension, heart attack, angina, strokes, etc. Laughter protects the heart.
Laughter stimulates the body to release hormones and immune-boosting substances, such as interferon, which increase our innate resistance to all kinds of infection.
Laughter lowers blood sugar levels in diabetic patient.
A hearty laughter torches us deeply and can change our negative outlook in life to a positive one. Laughter or smiles that come from within is akin to an inner joy and happiness.
A hearty laughter or cheerful smile that touches the soul is the strongest antidote to mental illness, such as alcohol abuse, depression, obsessive-compulsion disorders, bipolar disorders, schizophrenia, etc.
Humor and laughter therapy has been found to help patients forget their physical, mental and psychic pains.
' A merry heart doesth good like a medicine' (Proverbs 17:22).
We, in this health column, heartily congratulate and thank many of our Nigeria comedians and 'humor merchants,' who are not only positively revolutionising our entertainment industries, but most importantly are putting back smiles and laughter on the faces of many Nigerians.
We wish them all the strength they need to carry on their good humorous work. We hope that in time to come, humor and laughter therapy will be extended to our main hospitals, orphanages, prisons, refugee camps, etc.
Already, in most advanced countries of the world, many hospital and social and welfare institutions now incorporate humor and laughter therapies into their therapeutic regimen, using exchange of jokes, funny films, comedy, clown therapy (especially in children words).



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