Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Why you must pray for our NYSC members always?

Good morning!
How was your night? Hope you prayed this morning.
Did you prayed for our youth corpers?
If not, please, learn to do so forthwith.

I captured these NYSC members yesterday, at Omombala Rivers, while crossing from Umuobanam, Anambra west local government area, through canoe and I was touched because many people had journeyed beyond while crossing this great River through canoe especially during raining season.
I am sure, you might hard such a news before now. So, always pray for them.

Even we Journalists who go round the country to gather news also deserve prayers even although a lot us are now causing tension in Nigeria.

One thing which gripes my mind when I saw these corpers on rivers, was why do they choose this means of transportation? The answer is because is the cheapest means of transportation in that locality. For instance, from Otuocha or Aguleri junction to the place under review via motorcycle costs four hundred naira, while that of vehicle costs hundred naira but may not be as faster as canoe which is regarded as "ugbo amala" in this part of the world.
You must pray for your Corpers as they serve the country at hinterlands!!!

What advice do you have for our corpers or both the states and federal government respectively in this regard?



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