Thursday, 5 June 2014

Couples with a TV set enjoys sex better than others-Research

Forget champers and oysters, the best aphrodisiac is a TV. Oh yeah.
Forget feasting on oysters, strawberries and champagne, turns out the most effective aphrodisiac in the bedroom is a TV. Apparently.

A new poll by found that a whopping 74% of couples asked have a TV in their bedroom.

They admitted they had sex on average twice a week, compared to once a week for couples with no TV.

Why we here you ask? Surely Game of Thrones is too captivating to think about anything else?

Well 37% of couples like watching, ahem, erotic programmes together, and another 32% say this way they don't miss out on their favourite TV show.

Kill two birds with one stone and all that. And they say romance is dead.

Do you watch TV during sex? Go on, 'fess up @handabgcom



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