Monday, 2 June 2014

Children advises to stop playing with harmful objects

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A general physician, Dr Samson Orok, on Monday in Lagos advised children on lifestyle tips to help them to live a healthy life.
Orok told newsmen that developing healthy habits in childhood would help prevent health problems later in life.
``It is never too early for a child to develop healthy habits.
 ``Childhood is an important opportunity to develop lifelong, healthy habits.
``It is very important for them (children) to start practising these healthy habits early before unhealthy choices become lifelong, bad habits,’’ Orok said.
The physician said that some of the healthy lifestyle tips included regular hand-washing and brushing of the teeth twice daily.
``Regular hand-washing can prevent most infections like diarrhoea, sore throat and intestinal worms that children get easily.
``They should wash their hands before eating and after using the toilet or handling dirty objects.
``Keeping a good surrounding and cleanliness will also help prevent skin infections.
``They should brush their teeth in the morning and at night, for good dental health.
``Children should avoid playing with harmful objects and they should not throw things like stones,’’ he said.
Orok advised parents to encourage their children to eat healthy foods and be physically active.
``Good nutrition and physical activity are important for building strong bones and muscles.
``They should avoid eating too much refined foods and sweets or they brush their teeth immediately after, to prevent tooth decay.
``Encouraging your children to eat healthy foods and be physically active is important for their future,’’ Orok said.
The physician advised the children to develop good reading culture so that they could be better informed on how to live healthy lifestyles.



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