Friday, 6 June 2014

Careless Mother Drowns one year baby in Ebonyi state today

Okechukwu Onuegbu

The once peaceful family of Otoloko in Ndieguazu Uduku of Ndufu Ikwo
in Ikwo Local Government Area of Ebonyi State that welcomed with joy
in the past one year the arrival of a bouncing baby girl, Friday was
thrown into mourning following the death of their baby who got drowned
in a pond.
Tragedy struck the family when little Monica Ogazi, aged one year and
six months was drowned as she was abandoned by her siblings who were
charged to take care of her.

A village source told Daily that the parent of the child had
gone out for the day for their daily work that fateful day while the
child was left under the care of her siblings.
The siblings were said to have took their eyes away from the child who
played away to a pond located in a nearby resident and since there was
no one to watch over her, the child fell into the pond and got
The pond was created following land excavation by a said primary
school teacher whose name was simply given as Sunday. He was said to
have excavated the soil when he embarked on his building project but
failed  to refill it part excavated, the source said.
The source added that controversy ensued when the parent of the death
child rejected her after she was presented to them by Sunday.
The angered parent was said to have told Sunday to bury the child
even when Sunday presented the deceased with some burial materials as
custom demands.
The source maintained that the community in order to forestall the
controversy not to degenerates intervened after which the late Monica
was buried by the pond side while the pond was permanently closed.
In an interview with the Councilor representing Ettam Ward, Hon.
Nwanchor Paulinus, who explained that immediately the incident
filtered into the community, he reported the matter to the police and
the police came to the scene of the event and intervened.
Some of the community members, Nwankwo Nworie and Nwafor Emmanuel, who
described the incident as unfortunate warned parent to always ensure
that their children were left in safe hand while they were away.
It would be recalled that on May 27th two children from same community
would have been drowned when they went to fetch water from a different
pond and fell into the pond not for the prompt intervention of a woman
who was returning from the farm, the children would have been death.



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