Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Anambra: Fear grips Police Over Gov. Obiano's alleged plans to superhead tranfer of corrupt officers

Okechukwu Onuegbu
Nigerian Police Force Reforms Initiative: Junior Cops Demands ...Tension and fear of uncertainty is lurking on the air over plans by the state police command to transfer all police officers who have attained the position of Assistant superintendent of Police, (ASP), across the state.

The aim of the intending mass transfer according to a reliable police source is to weed-off all the corrupt police officers who have stayed longer than necessary across the state and have allegedly been proved to be sabotaging the ongoing effort to rid the state of criminals.

The current effort we also gathered would affect even the innocent police officers so that it would not been seen as a ploy to witch hunt any corp.

The proposed action is being masterminded by the governor of Anambra state, Chief Willie Obiano who had allegedly demanded from the state police commissioner, Usman Gwary, after a security meeting where the issue of mass transfer of police officers was discussed and sealed if the current war against violent crime must be won.

Obiano is being reputed as a leader who has zero tolerance for crime which emanated from his bitter experience in the 1980’s when as a young banker who had bought a new Peugeot 504 car and was returning from his Lagos base, but was attacked by armed robbers at the notorious Upper-Iweka. In that process he lost his new car. Since then he had been looking for an ample opportunity to deal with armed robbers and other forms of violent crimes.

It was also gathered that some of the police officers in the state had in the past condoned kidnapping and armed robbery by aiding and abetting crimes suspects sometimes by leaking information to crime suspects and also arbitrarily releasing such people from detention without following due process.

There was a particular case involving the notorious Oraifite-born kidnap kingpin alias “Ofe Akwu” where it was alleged that indigenes of the town had lodged numerous complaints on the illicit activities of the notorious armed robber who had made a fortune from kidnap business, but the police after inviting him for questioning based on the popular petition would be released the following day until he met his waterloo when he kidnapped a man said to be a very close aide to the billionaire Oraifite- born business man, Sir Emeka Offor which was the last straw that broke the camel’s back.

Regrettably, some of the police officers who abetted the said crime suspect by releasing him unlawfully to continue with his illicit trade have today attained envious positions in the force and are still serving, while the society suffers.

In view of the past records of such officers and the prevailing circumstances in the state, the state governor was said to have vowed to leave no stone unturned in ridding the state of violent crime.

He was noted to have started the war from his own door step, via Eri village, Aguleri where he reportedly ordered for the arrest of any young man with questionable source of livelihood.

The battle has begun and one hopes that it is all intended to expose corps who have been in the habit of encouraging crime commission. Unfortunately some of the hardworking and innocent officers may be affected by the latest move to sanitize the force in the state.

However, it is lamentable that a few Divisional Police Officers: that of Okpoko, Mr Chukwuemeka Ugwu and his Fegge counterpart, Rabiu Garba may be affected by the latest move. These officers have so far distinguished themselves in the art of policing and have a long way to go in their chosen career if their current tempo is honestly and vehemently maintained. 



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