Friday, 6 June 2014

Anambra Council Chairman commends for achievements in one hundred days in office

By Ikeli John

Good Governance International has commended the Anambra East local government chairman Hon. Hillary O. Udanoh for his achievement in one hundred days in office.
Speaking during their advocacy visit to the council Chairman in his office at Otuocha, the SouthEast coordinator Dr. Green Okwoson and the Secretary Arch (Mrs.) Favour Asoku said they were impressed by the achievement of the chairman in one hundred days in office adding that the essence of the local government is to positively impact the lives of the people at the grassroots level affirming that Hillary Udanoh has within the short time frame in office effected positive  changes in the lives of the people in the council areas of human capacity building and infrastructural development.

They stated that they were impressed by the level of development recorded by the chairman despite the meager resources Anambra state government allocates to each local government in the state.
The duo however urged the council boss not to be satisfied with the present level of recorded achievement but should continue to do more for the people because according to them he was elected by the people of the area to serve them.

While urging the chairman to avoid unnecessary distraction from any quarter, they also advised other chairman in the state to copy the administrative style of Hillary Udanoh.

Responding on behalf of the chairman the secretary to the council Hon. Mike Okoye thanked the organization for their positive assessment and commendation for the chairman.

He told them to intensify that campaign on good governance in the country especially at the grass roots level assuring that the council boss is poised and well positioned to continue rolling out the programmes he has for the people of Anambra East.



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