Sunday, 1 June 2014

30 year old man caught having sex with 4 years girl

A thirty year old man, Haruna Mahama,  is in the grips of the Wa police after he was caught red-handed, squatted naked in front of a four year old girl whose pant had been removed.
Joy News' Upper West Regional correspondent Rafiq Salam reported, the incident took place at Kumbiehi in the Wa municipality of the Upper West region. Haruna Mahama nicknamed john Cena was arrested by the police whist his victim taken to the Wa regional hospital.
According to an eye witness, Ibrahim baba who also doubles as the owner of the uncompleted three bedroom house at Kumbiehi where the incident happened, he was on the prowl looking for people who have been using his uncompleted structure as their toilet when he saw a man from a far in one of the rooms. He quickly called a couple of relatives to join him apprehend the said victim.
Upon entering the house they met the victim in the room alright but performing a different act.
They quickly called some two policemen who stay at the Ghana Food Distribution Depot to the scene.
After asking him a series of questions, he was picked to the wa police station and kept behind bars but his four year old victim was rushed to the wa regional hospital for medical examination to ascertain whether there was sexual intercourse from the short, stout muscular built  30-year old man.
However to their disappointment, there was no specialist or gynecologist around.
Meanwhile officials of the Upper West Domestic Violence and Victims Support Unit have started working on the case.




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