Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Power Tussle Tore Anambra Motor Spare Parts Market Apart

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It has been revealed that greed and power drunkenness of the former chairman of Old Mercedes Spare Parts, (Mgpuka), Nkpor, Chief Emma Onyehalum led to disaffection among the traders who did not want him to continue to remain in office after the expiration of his tenure.

This reporter gathered that contrary to minority opinion that the embattled former market boss was being haunted by traders who did not like his face, the ex-market boss ran a one man administration and bluntly refused to conduct election after the expiration of his four year term as enshrined in the market constitution.

Though the embattled former chairman was said to be unpopular among the traders and majority of the members of his executives because of his high- handedness and inaccessibility, he was also reputed to have numerous court cases hanging on his neck.  Many of such cases instituted by traders and some aggrieved members of the executives.

According to a market source some traders who were disenchanted with his style of administration had waited patiently for him to leave office at the end of the four year tenure, but he vehemently hung on to power in defiance of the constitution; a situation which necessitated the overwhelming majority of the traders to mobilize and march to his residence which was said to be very close to the old spare parts market and beat him to a state of coma. He was allegedly rushed to the hospital after sustaining serious injuries in the mob attack.

However, his successor, Chief Victor Elobi who was appointed by the state government as a caretaker chairman of the market after the crisis told this reporter that peace has finally returned to the market since assumption of office about nine months ago.

He reiterated the need for leaders to be transparent and accountable to the people. Chief Elobi who regretted the leadership crisis that engulfed the market attributed it to power drunkenness and the inability of the former embattled chairman to carry the traders along in his daily activities.

He stressed the need for people in authority to always abide by the constitution and modus operandi of their respective places of influence, adding that now that peace has finally returned to the area more development like bore-hole is expected to be sunk in the spare parts market as earlier promised by the immediate past administration in the state.



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