Saturday, 31 May 2014

Nigeria's Military raises alarm over some persons attempt to discredit it's image

Our Reporter
The military high command has raised alarm over alleged plans by un-named powerful individuals within and outside the country to discredit the Armed Forces in the eyes of the international community by accusing the army of religious-induced genocide in the on-going counter-insurgency operations.
Director of Defence Information, Major General Chris Olukolade said the motive of the campaign include to sufficiently politicize the counter-insurgency operations in the north east through negative publicity campaigns and to generate local hatred against the military and support from the international community with the hope of scuttling the exercise.
General Olukolade, in a statement on Friday said: “The Defence Headquarters has discovered a well-hatched plot by some interest groups to embark on intensive media campaign aimed at attracting international condemnation and indictment against the Nigerian military and its operations in the northern part of the country.
“The campaign which is to rely heavily on doctored and falsified audio visual materials, some of which are already trending in the social media, is to be coordinated and funded by a prominent political leader whose state is presently under the State of Emergency.
He claimed that the campaign is expected to forcefully whip-up negative sentiments about genocide allegedly targeted against a particular religious group in the north stressing that planners of the multi-media crusade also hope to gain some advantage in the drive to secure international attention after failing to achieve this target during previous efforts.
“The programme, which is also meant to reinforce the ongoing negative media campaign against the military was adopted as an alternative by those who are bent on politicizing the ongoing counter-terrorism operations in the northern part of the country,” he remarked.
General Olukolade emphasized that “the dastardly acts of terrorism should not be politicised since it is against every patriotic Nigerian citizen and the peace loving people throughout the world.”
He stressed that “no amount of propaganda by apologists of terror groups, who attempt to cast the Nigerian military and security forces in bad light, can justify the evil acts of terrorism.



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