Thursday, 29 May 2014

Nigeria's 16 years Democracy: Poectic analyses


Comrade Okechukwu Onuegbu


Okechukwu Onuegbu


A second has died

Today is May Twenty-Ninth

Our country democracy day!

The era of political criminality

Civilian slavery to civilians

O yes! Today marked an epoch in our history

We must commemorate May 29th in a grand style

Departure of Armed-robbers

Triumphant entry of our Armedless robbers

Beneficiaries of ballot boxes coup d’état

Our Nineteen-Eighty four

We baptized Democracy day!



Plus1 is our Democracy!

Happy Democrazy day!

Sorry, Happy Democracy Day

What a year of festivity?

An hour past, we danced centenary

Now we are clapping hands again

Dump your shoes anywhere

Dash your legs on earth

Sky your hands

Chorus National Anthem and Pledge

And psalm 117 or 118

Let’s celebrate our Godsent termites

The parasites that penetrated

Our skins through stolen ballots

To carcass our mortal caskets


Our so-called nascent democracy is worthy to be celebrated

Dearest Holy Servant Leaders

We thank you for breaking our spinal cords

May God Bless you so much for abandoning our agreements

We love your constructed deathtraps roads

Your stools fertilize our brains

God shall reward you for blessing us with kwashiorkor

Be exalted in the highest for sucking our bone marrows

We adore you for the gifts of unseen advertised tap-borne waters

And armed security and terrorists you enjoined to share our bloods

Glory be to our brain drains lawmakers who diverted our constituencies’ allowances

Our Judiciary and Media who buried truth in ghana-must-go bags

Indeed, you’re wiser than biblical Solomon

Our great Living Saints, I swear, your tenure is best of the bests

We shall thumbprint you everlastingly

We hereby crown you: ‘Rock of ages’, ‘Paragons’, ‘Creator of Universe’

‘God’s First Lady’…to boost your terrifying profiles

Our foolishness shall give you more potbellies

Just as our colonialists and uniformed men you dethroned

Come on, gentlemen and ladies, why still steering at me?

Don’t you know today’s date?

Are you blind of our stunt vegetation?

Or may be an enemy of progress?

Cheer up…young and the aged join us celebrate jare!

Our democrazy is plus 1 today!!!

Aren’t you happy there are no more decrees but delinquencies?

Dear, overlook the restiveness, stampede, joblessness

Insurgents, accidents, air-crashes, mishaps…

They are ingredients of democracy

Even Preachers, Traders, Students, Prostitutes…de doam

Hahahahahahahaahha… Let’s toast our democracy wine



Happy Democracy Day!

 (culled from my book THE VOICE, a collection of poems)



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