Friday, 30 May 2014

Nigerian Army reiterates commitment to get rid of Bokoharam

The Chief of Defence Staff, Air Chief Marshall Alex Badeh has again reiterated the commitment of the Nigerian armed forces to frontally confront Boko Haram
insurgents in the country.

Speaking in Abuja while playing host to a coalition of civil society organisations, Air Marshal Badeh said the nation is being confronted by terrorists operating under the al-Qaeda network as the insurgents who started out as members of Boko Haram are now being funded internationally to destabilize the nation.
Leader of the civil society organisations, Mr Emmanuel Osemeka, applauded the efforts of the nation’s armed forces and appealed to Nigerians to support the military in order to overcome the menace of insurgency.
The CDS noted that “we are up against something that is worse than Boko Haram; Boko Haram started in Maiduguri; that was small but the thing has now gone out of hand and it is now al-Qaeda in West and Central Africa.
“We have evidence of people from outside Nigeria fighting within Nigeria; so it is no longer Boko Haram, it is al-Qaeda we are fighting” insisting that “al-Qaeda are so formidable but we will confront them”.
He further reminded Nigerians that “we have international partners working with us to bring back our girls and I will continue to say that if we eliminate all our young women, who will replenish Nigeria? If we eliminate all our young men, who will power the engine of the state? So we must do something” he added.
On his part, Coordinator, Social Welfare Network Initiative, Emmanuel Osemeka stated the initiative’s “unalloyed support and solidarity for th sacrifice being made by our soldiers in the protection of the territorial integrity of the Federal Republic of Nigeria”.
He insisted that “we are proud of our armed forces and will continue to support your efforts irrespective of the reports of the media, most especially the international media and some unscrupulous individuals in Nigeria”.



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