Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Journey to rescue APGA: Umeh sees the party as money making venture

Chief Victor Umeh

Hon Eneh Victor Chigozie's photo.
Chief Willie Obiano
Hon Eneh Victor Chigozie's photo.
Chief Peter Obi
One observation I have made on course of this struggle to rescue APGA, is that there are 5 groups.
1. The Anyi Agaba rescue movement.
2. Victor Umeh group
3. Peter Obi group
4. Obiano group...
5. Undecided.

1. Anyi Agaba movement has clear mission- (a). return APGA to the vision of the founding fathers.
(b). Restore the dignity of the party.
(c). Open up the party to all Nigerians and make it all inclusive,
(d). Enhance its electoral value and fortune
(e). Make it a grassroot movement and
(f). Reconcile all the aggrieved members and mobilize prominent and front line politicians with good will into the Party.
2. Umeh group- To me this group has lost touch with greater number of APGA members. Their mission is simple -Let status quo remain. This group see APGA as an economic and money making venture and therefore would not allow other members to take up leadership positions in the party. They have been the only APGA executive for 12yrs running and still want to continue.
3. Peter Obi group - these are supporters of ex gov Obi. These ones have no clear mission in this APGA struggle. Their only clear vision is, wherever Obi stands, we stand, wherever Obi goes, we go.
4. Obiano group - these group are mainly not members of APGA. They are family members, friends, relations, colleagues, local contractors and waka pass. For this group, whether Umeh stays or goes, whether Obi decamps or not, if the court says it is Maxi, let Obiano remain as Gov.
5. Undecided - these are some members of APGA who are playing safe. They do not want to be seen to be supporting any side.
They claim they are APGA and would come out to support any side that wins finally.
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Having identified these different groups in APGA, it is important to also note that Obi, Umeh and Obiano groups may be seen to be one only on the lips.
The struggle to rescue APGA may be stiff but it must be won. God is our strength.
Anyi Agaba.



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