Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Jonathan not booed in South Africa, says NUS

The President of the Nigerian Union in South Africa, Mr Ikechukwu Anyene, said on Monday that President Goodluck Jonathan was not booed during his visit to South Africa.
Anyene told newsmen on phone from Pretoria, South Africa, that Jonathan was rather given a standing ovation when his name was announced  at the inauguration of  President Jacob Zuma of  South Africa.
``  I was at the Union building in Pretoria at the inauguration of  President Jacob Zuma last Saturday.
`` President Goodluck Jonathan was given a standing ovation by South Africans when his name was mentioned.
``  The truth is that  South Africans appreciate  and support Nigeria in the face of the security challenges facing the country.
‘’ They (South Africans) are sympathetic with Nigeria at this crucial period,’’ he said.
He  also said  South Africans  showed  their love and  concern  through rallies and prayers over the abduction of  the Chibok girls.
Anyene, who further said Nigerians living in Pretoria  mobilised themselves to show love to the president, added:
‘’ We mobilised and came out in our numbers to show solidarity with  our president last Saturday. We are shocked to read that our president was booed.
``  It’s untrue and  baseless;   such incident never happened.
``   We also showed our   concern  over the security challenges facing our country and it is our prayer that Nigeria will overcome insurgency,’’ Anyene said.



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