Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Instagram: Justin Bieber flirts with hot model

Los Angeles – We couldn’t help but notice a picture Justin Bieber shared on instagram late Monday night.

The Confident singer has been flirting with model, Yovanna Ventura via the picture sharing site and posted a picture of her with the caption: “I see you in that Dulce dress, glad you had fun. :) (sic).”

Yovanna then decided to return the compliment by sharing one of the Biebs with the comment: “#mcm looking great in that suit (sic).”

Is this the start of something new and romantic, sure seems like it!

The flame is rumoured to have started after the pair were reportedly seen ''acting like a couple'' after attending the boxer Floyd Mayweather's fight in Las Vegas earlier this month.

The brunette model posted a picture of herself and Justin on Instagram following the event with the caption: ''#lp #mayweather w' mi amigo @justinbieber (sic).''



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