Saturday, 31 May 2014

FRSC Impounds 15 vehicles in Anambra

....Sensitizes Road-Users
Okechukwu Onuegbu

... and Chief Executive of the Federal Road Safety Corps, Osita ChidokaThe activities of touts in Onitsha, Anambra State has been identified as the major challenge facing the Federal Road Safety Corps FRSC  in apprehending erring drivers over various road offences in the State.
The Onitsha Unit Commander, FRSC, Mr Anthony Metta who disclosed this weekend in Onitsha while educating over 200 road-users, also informed that the corps impounded 12 vehicles for various offences.

He further hinted that the clamp-down on the vehicles came after some weeks of subtle warning to commercial drivers, noting that the overloaded vehicles were impounded within one hour after the sensitisation.

``We will be carrying our Operation Tiger, Devour Overloading, twice a week; until we totally discourage people from the habit of overloading their vehicles.It is an eye-sore to see overloaded vehicles hampering safe movement of a vehicle.

``These operation was successful for the fact that we got the patrol support of the police and army because the touts here hampers our operation that once FRSC apprehends any driver, before you know it, he would mobilize touts from the parks and streets to confront us” he revealed.

Metta also urged the Anambra government to modernize and take over all parks in order to create employment for youths and to ensure standard practice for all drivers.

``We want the government-employed workers to man the parks directly to ensure that drivers operate under a standard rule of no overloaded vehicle in the parks.

``We have found out that drivers of commercial vehicles are ripped off by private park owners; while in a bid to get a take-home something, drivers involves in all sorts of rule violation,’’ he added.

One of the drivers, Mr Samson Coker, who ply between Onitsha and Benin, noted that he had learnt a lot from the enlightenment.

``I have learnt my lessons but I am appealing to FRSC to reduce the penalty since some of us are conveying way-bill loads,’’ he said.



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