Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Excessive consumption OF SALT is detrimental to health - UNICEF

Dr John Egbuta, UNICEF Public Health and Nutrition Consultant, said on Monday in Lagos that excessive consumption of salt was detrimental to health.
Egbuta told ewsmenin an interview that a diet punctuated by too much salt could result in hypertension, strokes, heart attacks, and kidney disease.
He said that people with a family history of such problems should learn from their parents instead of replicating their mistakes.
``Once it has manifested it has become a disease and you now have to start struggling to fight it.
``Just because either your mother or your father had a problem with salt, make sure your salt intake is completely reduced.
``Run away from salt, but it is better for the problem not to become a disease, before you begin to handle it.
``That is in fact the real practical application of nutrition.
``Whether your parents had that history or not, as you continue to grow in life by the time you get to 70, 80 you’ll still have problem with salt.
``But if you began to discipline yourself at an early stage, you can never have it.``
Egbuta advised adults to eat not more than one full teaspoon a day while children should take even less.
He explained that the advice became necessary because salt could be found in many readymade snacks.
The nutritionist said that due to ignorance, many people often exceeded the daily recommended measure of salt they should take.
He, therefore, urged the public to endeavour to read the labels on processed foods for adequate information that would enable them to reduce the amount of salt they consumed.
 Egbuta said that the blood pressure of a person could rise if he or she consumed too much salt, adding: ``the higher the person’s blood pressure, the greater the strain on their heart, arteries, kidneys and brain``.
He said that heart attacks, strokes, dementia, and kidney disease could be caused by high blood pressure.
He added that salt also inhibited the effectiveness of certain medications.



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