Thursday, 29 May 2014

Democracy Day: Northern ex-Presidents, Heads of state, OBJ accuse of forming Bokoharam to exterminate Igbos

Okechukwu Onuegbu

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As Nigeria marked her 15 years of unbroken democratic dispensation today, a-public affairs analyst and social commentator, Chief Enekwe Anayo has accused Northern ex-Presidents, Heads of states, current senators, reps, governors among other notable leaders from northern part of the country of forming Bokoharam to exterminate Igbos.

Chief Enekwe who spoke to at Awka, Anambra state, based his assertion on what trasnpired during the Biafran/Nigerian civil war, adding that Northerners never wanted peace to reign since they 'selfishly' assupmed winners despite claiming that their was neither a victor nor vanquished, as well as to speeches ascribed to some politicians from the zone during and after 2011 presidential poll claiming to make the government ungovernable to Jonathan for identifying with Igbos.

Chief Enekwe also blamed Ex-President Obasanjo for contributing an iota to the present insecurity in the country, stressing that OBJ's administration was characterized with totalitarisnism.

He further called on Efcc, ICPC and others to pin-down the former president so as to force him to explain where Bokoharams are since he claimed to mediate with them.

According to the angry commentator, Nigeria's democracy celebration is of no use because the country is regressing rather than progressing.

He therefore called more equiped security apparatus to man Nigeria's borders pointing-out that it is through these places that the insurgents penetrate Nigeria.

Meanwhile, some prominent Nigerians had spoke to journalists in Awka regarding the commemoration of the 2014 Democracy Day Celebration sang discordant tunes about the state of the nation.

A former commissioner for information under Dr.Christ Ngige's administration Chief Charles Amilo was of the opinion that the military foisted what was being celebrated as democracy day there by vitiating the relevance of October 1 being celebrated as Independence Day which according to him was the real democracy day.

Chief Amilo maintained that the military being an undemocratic as well as a totalitarian institution should not dictate for the country what democracy day should be or should not be stressing that October 1 still remained the nation's democracy day .

Also the chairman of Ohaneze-Ndigbo in Anambra state who is also a participant at the on-going national conference Elder Christ Eluemuno said that the worst democratic rule was better than the best military administration. Elder Eluemuno stated that military devasted the entire structure of the country over the years and that it will also take years of proper planning under a democratic dispensation to bring the nation back to normalcy.

The chairman of the pan igbo socio-cultural group further disclosed that successive democratic governments after the military incursions have indeed done well in restructuring the entire fabrics of Nigeria's national development adding that presently Nigeria's economy is the largest in Africa and 26th in the world emphasizing that for the first time in history Nigeria organized a world economic summit and the  whole world economy was represented by more than one thousand participants in the summit. He however  expressed optimism that the country would still make more progress in all ramifications of her corporate existence .

For the provost of the federal college of education ( technical ) Umunze in Orumba-South local government area of Anambra state Prof.Josephat Okechukwu Ogbuagu concurred that the country has made significant progress in her 15 years of democratic experience. Prof.Ogbuagu stated that there is hope for the country pointing out that '' We may make our mistakes but we will learn our lessons...''

The president had in his address to the nation on Democracy Day Celebration urged the citizenry not to indulge in persimistic thoughts  about issues plaguing the nation but join in the move towards a better and virile Nigeria. The president had said that misguided utterances from some misguided citizens were focussed on attempts to truncate  democracy and freedom that the nation celebrated.

The president said that the despicable abduction of schoolgirls in Chibok Borno state showed the heartless brutality of the terrorists intent on devastating and balcanizing the polity stressing that Nigeria is the only country we have and that all must work to preserve it for the present and future generations . Dr.Jonathan said it is now 45 days since the schoolgirls were kidnapped assuring the parents that government was doing everything possible to bring the girls back home and that Nigeria would be safe again.



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