Friday, 16 May 2014

Can this ever happen in Africa???

GIRL: Hi handsome...
BOY: Nkt mscheeew (rolling his eyes)
GIRL: C'mon I mean no harm dude. Just spare me
a few minutes of your time.
BOY: say what you have to and leave immediately.
GIRL: okay I have been watching you pass here
everyday and i feel attracted to you...
BOY: only that?
GIRL: I think you are hydrogen cause whenever
I see you my heart beats with a pop sound.
BOY: (blushing) aaaww stop the flattery.
GIRL: am damn serious. Cant you see that am not
sobber and am staggering? That simply proves
that am drunk in love with you.
BOY: (smiling) go straight to The point, can't you see am busy? (drawing patterns on The ground
using his feet)
GIRL: wow your smile is like Al Quaeda
terrorists cause it has just captured The territory
of my heart. Please give me a chance to invest in
your heart business and you will see The profits through my love for you.
BOY: You girls are just the same. You just
want to use me then dump me heartlessly.
GIRL: OMG! Dats so inhuman. I want to show
true love that can never even be witnessed in the
Soap Operas.
BOY: Kkk let me think about it then I will reply
GIRL: Okay handsome,take as much time as you want. Whatever your decision is, I will respect it
but please say Yes. Will there ever be a beautiful time like this?
where girls will do the'toasting'and we The
boys do the 'blushing'or is it wishful dreaming?
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