Wednesday, 28 May 2014

50 cent, the puff daddy is a sucker? Cent shares some thoughts on Diddy, his Interscope departure, his relationship with his son and more.

50 Cent, always the outspoken rapper, shared his thoughts on Diddy in a recent interview with GQ, which he managed to sum up neatly into one very short sentence.

Fifty said of Puff Daddy: “He’s a sucker.” There was no further elaboration of what the rapper meant by his comment, in fact, according to the GQ interviewer, the comment came rather out of the blue. Through out the interview with GQ, 50 Cent also spoke on his departure from Interscope, sharing some insight on why he left. “When people couldn’t care less about you actually being successful,” he told the magazine, “you can feel it.”

He also shed some light on his relationship with his son, which he says is no more. “Me and my son, we don’t have a relationship anymore,” the rapper revealed, laying the blame on his baby mama. “It’s based on his mom. He’s adopted her way of thinking. I don’t have anything negative around the concept of kids.”

Finally, Fif touches on another topic that’s been circulating lately: his former G-Unit pals Tony Yayo, Lloyd Banks and Young Buck. He compares their situation to that of a plant: “If you spent ten years watering it, it’d fucking grow.” And if it didn’t? “Doesn’t that tell you you need to get new seeds? Fuck this. New seeds—let’s do something different now.” He added, “I enabled these guys.”

Source: HotNewHipHop



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