Friday, 4 April 2014

The world Fattest woman enjoys sex with her husband

Let us mention the bottom line first: if you are not participating in “the fattest of the world” competition then by all means, do not and we repeat, DO NOT taking this as a motivator (the point where you believe that if this woman found the love of her life, so can you)! Though the pictures will prove the point that love can happen any time anywhere and has nothing to do with your appearance of weight, it still boils down to the point where you need to chill and diet and gym!

The couple has met over the Internet and now lives together with the woman’s two teenage sons at Susanne’s house in Arizona

On her way to the desired 729 kg (1610 lb.) of body weight Ms. Eman disregards the warnings of the medical experts, who provide examples of people dying of morbid obesity.

The woman who is bidding to be the fattest in the world arranges a marriage of convenience.
Supersized mother of two children and a model for SSBBW (supersized big beautiful women) websites Susanne Eman, 33, has once claimed that she has a goal to become the fattest woman in the history. It seems now that she is about to reach her aim very quickly, because Eman, who presently weighs a bit more than 342 kg (756 lb.) has recently revealed that she is engaged to marry a chef. Susanne’s fiancé Parker Clack loves cooking for her and the woman says that their.



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