Tuesday, 22 April 2014

The Parable, an exclusive poetic analyses of Abuja Bomb-blasts

Okechukwu Onuegbu
Gov. Kwankwaso sweeps off President Jonathan’s feet in style
Kano sweepers

Owerri sweepers
The Umbrella

Tanchit is a miracle child
She swum through booms which impudently sucked Nyanya’s bloods
O! She never dreamt of greeting today’s sun:
As she journeyed home on that heavenly anointed day
She called the Motor-park to convey her home
But met matches of our friendly insurgents 
The unexpected incessant baobab tears shattered hairs and buildings
The sacrificial smokes rose sharply to heaven as thirsty earth was refreshed

Fortunately, Tanchit survived as a chopped banana tree
The eruption stripped her wrapper, tore her Aba-made shoes
Pieces her ribs as garik abattoir butchers
Dashed her bones to dogs and vultures
And by chance, Umbrella in tears encountered her half-dead
Abandoned her, traversed Kano for a political rally  
Broom emerged also, gaze the horror scene, diverted Kano to sweep  
Again, the Clergy and Scholar glance through cursing selves
While, Agujiegbe, Seun and Akilu smartphones swallowed them and civil-warred

However, spotting the decaying sumptuous meals, Akpors neared Tanchit
Cemented her broken walls, bathed her with mai-nkede
Motorcycled her to a wall, deposited her for a night
Zooming home at dawn, he pocket borrowed his naira
Paid the host, retorted: “please, starve her not, her bills I shall repay you when I return”
But as he dashes out…
Attention Seekers flew-in to donate bloods to decomposed corpses

(culled from Okechukwu Onuegbu's collection of poems coming to market next month under the title "The Prostitutes and other poems")



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