Friday, 4 April 2014

South East traders decry delay in cargo clearance at seaport


The South East Amalgamated Market Traders Association, today, appealed to the Federal Government to check the delay in goods clearance at the seaports.
This was contained in a communiqué signed by the association’s President-General, Chief Okwudili Ezenwankwo, in Onitsha, Anambra State.
The Association said that since December 2013, traders had paid billions of naira as demurrage and terminal charges for delays not caused by them.
It said that most of them had abandoned their goods at the ports because the charges had outweighed the cost of the items imported.
According to the group, those willing to collect their goods cannot do so because they do not have the Pre-Arrival Assessment Report (PAAR) on the imported items.
It said that the development was not their fault, but inability of the Nigeria Customs Service to issue PAAR to importers within 48 hours.
“It now takes over 60 days to issue the PAAR as against two to three days.
“We are worried that our goods may be declared overtime cargo and auctioned, while perishable items imported had been lost by this delay,” it said.
The association advised the Federal Government to set up an independent committee to visit all the ports for on-the-spot assessment.
The communiqué urged the Federal Government to reintroduce the destination inspection of goods to hasten quick clearance of goods.
It said that the government should stop the double assessment of duty by Customs at the ports and in the hinterland.
Our correspondent recalled that the Nigeria Customs Service had said the current delay in cargo clearance would soon be over.
The Spokesman for Customs at Lilypond Area Command, Dr Charles Agonmuo, said that the problem was that of server which was being rectified.
Agonmuo urged traders and importers to be calm as the delay would soon be checked.



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