Wednesday, 2 April 2014

“Respect the Constituted Authorities”- Clergy urged Christians

 Okechukwu Onuegbu

Christians have been urged to respect the constituted authorities in order to attract God’s presence in live. Pastor David Ifenu of Love Ambassadors Ministries (LAM), Awka, Anambra state gave the advice in a homily recently, stressing that dedicated and respectful Christians are meant to enjoy Him in all ramifications.
Pastor Ifenu, who posited that is out of divine order for a believer to remain stagnant in life, further, said God expected us to grow and prosper economically, spiritually and otherwise, and no man was created to be dimensional.
However, the inspirational Preacher charged Christians to shun love of money or materialism as it may deprive them from serving God, even as he enjoined them to double efforts in evangelism so as to win more souls for Christ as He ordered them to do in the scripture “go and make disciples of all nation”.
Meanwhile, the Clergy equally lambasted miracle seeking believers who divert from a church to another, attributing it to reasons many fail to receive answers from prayer.
“Most Christians hardly receive answers from their prayers while diverting to different churches in search of miracles or whatever. This is because when released to the location, they might have relocated to another Church”, he said.
He also advised Christians to be vigilante: “Once you see regression and stagnation, flee for your life; work extra hard till you attain the price. Don’t allow inferiority compress or fear to way you down. Always believe  you can and strive in action and prayers… But you must attach yourself to a fold (Church) as an active member in spirit and soul”, adding that “it does not end in been a church worker. A true believer must maintain a good personal relationship with Christ”
“So, recognize and respect the leadership of your Church. Some Church workers are prone to hell-fire and failure sequel to disobedience and lack of commitment. Some partake in these activities either to be noticed or to cover-up.  Please, desist from this, if you are one of them. And do not run away from your church in order to avoid taking a responsibility, frustration or whatever reason”. 



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