Friday, 4 April 2014

Quality products to boost Nigeria’s economy


Mrs Oluremi Ayeni, the Head of Trade Development Unit, Standards Organisation of Nigeria (SON), on Friday advised the manufacturing sector to produce quality products to boost the economy.
 Ayeni gave the advice in an interview with newsmen at the ongoing Enugu International Trade Fair.
She said that the manufacturing sector had been a major player in the advancement of economies worldwide.
``One of the major challenges facing the sector is getting the business community to embrace standards.
``Products manufactured here should be kept in specific standards and certified. The certification gives Nigerians the assurance on the quality of the product,” she said.
She expressed regret that consumers were in the habit of patronising substandard products due to the lower price.
``People claim that because of cost they will buy any product they can afford and this is not good for our economy,” she said.
She said that manufacturers producing substandard products were doing disservice to the sector.
``We now encourage our companies to make sure they registered their products so that we can trace who is responsible for bringing what into the Nigerian market.
``We have zero tolerance for substandard products because if you put money there you will end up spending more on the long run.
``We want sustainable growth in Nigeria and the benefit of standard is that your products will outlive you,” she said.
Ayeni said that SON was concerned with influx of adulterated products into the market.
She said that one of the benefits of products registration was to work with brand owners as well as identify counterfeited ones.
She commended the Federal Government for taking measures to empower relevant government agencies to clampdown on substandard products.
``In the new dispensation, government's effort is that we work in synergy. We want to make sure that we are seen as one country where every government agency works to drive export growth,” she said.
Ayeni said that the performance of Nigerian products in the international market was now encouraging.
``Packaging is still an issue at the moment. So we must ensure that the presentation of our products can compete with equivalents from any part of the world,” Ayeni said.



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