Thursday, 17 April 2014

MASSOB lambasts Nigeria's Confab Delegates says Nigeria must disintegrate

Movement For Actualization of Sovereign State of Biafra (MASSOB), has berated politicians whom it said introduced the no- go area clause in the on-going National Conference for their selfish reasons against the wishes of the people who wanted everything about Nigeria discussed.

In a statement made available to Newsmen in Onitsha signed by Mazi Chris Mocha, Anambra North Zonal Leader after its zonal meeting today, Mocha said, No body not even President Goodluck Jonathan can stop God’s Plan for Nigeria, stressing, “the country has been destined by God to break up into its natural units of which Biafra is one”.
He stated that God , as was in the scripture hardened the hearts of Pharaoh in Egypt and was used for good purpose in favour of the Israelites.
Also, the mighty soviet Union with her military prowess, when it  was God’s time, the country was broken up into 15 independent sovereign nations.  
Noting that the on-going Confab would have become the better opportunity for Nigerians to freely discuss about how to intended to either live together or separate, but for selfish politicians who said the unity of the country should not be discussed.
Mocha said God has hardened the hearts of these politicians for a better thing to happen to Nigeria, stressing that the emerging New Nation with the Name and Title: Republic of Biafra must have a weak centre and the component units stronger, to ensure that the federating units come together without encumbering the other and each allowed to grow at its own pace, depending on its resources and ability to  explore and exploit them.
And that the New Biafra, federating units, or regional or zonal governments or ethnic nationalities making up the sovereign state reserve the inalienable rights to defederate or move away whenever they choose, that is the New Nation God has planned for the Ibo tribe of Eastern Nigeria.
Source: Odogwu emeka Odogwu



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