Tuesday, 22 April 2014

LAMENTATIONS (Tears of 21st Century Nigerians)... a poetic analyses

By Okechukwu Onuegbu

Heavenly Papa, remember, consider what has befallen us
Open your eyes, behold our reproach:
Sir Lugard’s desperate built house is cracking
The glasses shattered
Flora’s name en-route deletion
The tree she lean is falling
Her broken walls search for a place to perch
Her inheritance turned to strangers, houses to aliens
She is on a cage of gunpowder awaiting Bokoharam blasts

O! Ubangiji, we are orphans and fatherless
Our mothers’ widows, fathers’ widowers
Daily, innocent citizens are sacrificed to no gods
Extrajudicial bloods and brutalization vehicle us:
Silver jubilee we marked with bomb-blasts
Celebrated centenary amalgamation with multiple blasts
Our sources of living are now stampede, insurgency, insecurity, strike and sit-tightism
While job seekers, students, travelers, worshipers traverse unfulfilled

Our daughters deflowered at dawn, sons buried alive
Who would marry these overused virtuous products?
Nudity is their glorious fashions
Madness they baptized music or civilization
Cursed are a boy or a girl with no boy/girl friend
We have drunken our water for money; our wood sold unto us

Our high-killers, robbers, ex-convicts are now Comrades, Activists
Leaders, Politicians, Pastors, Prophets, Imams, Alhaji…
Slave trade nicknamed Motherless Babes Homes
Cross and Crescent have ruined us!
Our necks are under persecution:
Restless we labour and feed under scorching sun and heavy downpour
Our endowed lands are impotent
Hands we dashed the western-world (the neocolonialists)
Food, water, shelter and clothing we import overseas 
Our Education sector abandoned in intensive care unit
Banned homosexuals yet our honourables are homos
Even our unconstitutional abortion thrives in our hospitals

Nna, our Father
Our erstwhile Masters and Nationalists have sinned but are no more
Now we are heavy-laden of their iniquities
Maggots rule over us: none to deliver us from our locusts
Our controversial broom and umbrella politicizes our tears
Despite our voluminous grave, they rally and sweep footprints

Should our skins be as dark as a pot tail sequel to abject poverty?
We are just wicked and corrupt
House Agents parasite Landlords and House seekers
Tenants, Apprentices and Governments steal masters’ bone marrows
Ravish women in the streets, maids in the cities
Princes are hanged up by their hand: elders not honoured
Young men grind, children fell under the wood
The aged sent to extinction, curl hairs cut unripe, remnants futile

God, the joy of our heart has ceased; our dance melancholy 
Our crown disappeared mysteriously from our head
Our cooked yam sprouts stems
Foliages of our trees ripe but the fruits stunt green:
Woe unto us, we have sinned!
Oluwa, are you exceedingly angry with us?
Why utterly rejected us?
Why forsake us so long time?

Please heal us, eternity reigns your throne
From generation to generations you’re the perfect cleanser
Our heart is faint, eyes dim
Foxes walk upon our desolate lands
Grasscutters and Grasshoppers divide our farm produce
Please, retrace your steps, wipe our river-Niger tears
We pledge a new leaf if you renew our days as of old



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