Thursday, 20 March 2014

Love corner...Wrong reasons to go into relationship

Many singles start a relationship for wrong reasons and if the foundation of a relationship is wrong, then the union can never be right.
Many couples today are going through silent frustrations, because they married for the wrong reason only to face reality
Wrong reasons for Singles going into relationships – Part 1
y after marriage. One of the advantages of being single is that- .you have the opportunity to learn from the experiences of others and make better decisions.
There are many wrong reasons but let me share with you some of them.
Age: Many people feel’ they are getting old hence they marry just anyone and miss the plan of God for them. It is better to wait for your Isaac than settle for Ishmael.
Peer Pressure: Some people allow the facts that most of their friends have married to move then into premature marriage and this is not right because God deals with us differently and God’s time is the best.
Parental Pressure: Most parental have allowed themselves to be used to lure their children into unions that God has not ordained. Never allow parents pressure to push you to marry the wrong person, because they will not be there to suffer frustration with you.
Economic Escape Valve: To marry for the purpose of solving a financial problem is wrong because you make yourself a liability and reduce in value. Don’t marry someone that has money because you feel that will solve your financial problem because money cannot buy peace and joy for your home.
Sexual & Conjugal Desire: If you cannot control your sexual passion as a single person, it will difficult to do it after marriage because marriage cannot deliver you from the spirit of lust, intimacy is more than sex, so build up yourself and marry for the right reason.
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